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Awesome Adventure

Awesome Adventure is a travel agency founded by Dr Fatimah (Facebook – Siti Fatimah Zaharah Zulkapli / Instagram – akieyyy), graduate from medical school in Czech Republic. She is also an experienced traveller in Europe more than 7 year and has been travelled more than 59 countries in the world.

Awesome Adventure also has more networking among other Malaysian travellers and most of them are the graduate from overseas university, famous Malaysian travellers and Malaysian citizens who works in overseas, which makes Awesome Adventure expert in rare and interesting destinations and the best part is, we are able to customized your dream trip based on your budget!

Awesome Adventure also, has conducted private road trip in almost all parts of Europe (Balkan, Baltic, Scandinavia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Turkey and etc.) , the Middle East (Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and etc.)

For the time being, Awesome Adventure has 14 employees which include Management Team, Travel Consultant Team and Europe Team. Most of the us are experience traveller who has been in solo travel for more than one years. With our experience we highly hope to give our best in providing our clients the best road trip planning with Awesome Adventure, and we will ensure this journey will give you the most memorable experience to you.

Why Travel With Us?

We Are Different

We are one cool agency, we are reachable, responsive and will take the time to understand you and your dreams.

We Are Experienced

Our consultants are specialized in the designated region. We know the best on what every region has to offer.

We Are Unique

We are one unique agency that handpicks activities for you creating a flawless, thoughtful, dream vacation. With our itineraries, you can experience the world at your own pace.

Best Itineraries Provided

Itinerary exclusively customized to your need. we won't rest until we plan the best itinerary that ideal for you and loved ones. There is the only thing left to do. Tight your seatbelt and enjoyyyy

Muslim Friendly Agency

Thought of visiting the local mosques in Balkan region? Or meeting the local Muslims in the remote area of Europe or any other region in the world. Road trip with us make every wishes possible.</p> <p>As the most of our clients are a keen religion practiser. We want them to enjoy the trip without compromising their spiritual need. Above all, we will bring you to the Islamic centres, halal joint and Muslim areas as requested by clients.

Free Travel Consultation

Our personal touches and attention to detail will turn your picture perfect dream vacation into a reality that you didn’t think possible. So, don’t worry, share with us everything about it.

Your Dream is Our Dream

With us, you can make every dream possible! We will go beyond our ways to help you get the dream destinations.

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